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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ukulele Music Series: "Knowing That It's True"

As an added feature of this blog, we are posting original songs written by Barry Terenna for the ukulele. We hope that you will enjoy them. 

Here is a video of the song "Knowing That It's True"


Original composition. Lyrics and music copyrighted by Barry Terenna. All rights reserved.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Music Series: "Zephyr Breeze in a Roan Tree"

As an added feature of this blog, we will begin posting original songs written by Barry Terenna. We hope that you will enjoy them.

Here is a video of the song "Zephyr Breeze in a Roan Tree."

This song was written for my grandson, Roan Zephyr Terenna and his parents, Courtney Terenna and Gabe Farrell. Original composition. Lyrics and music copyrighted by Barry Terenna. All rights reserved.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Barry's Book Reviews: The Cloud Pavilion (A Sano Ichiro Novel) by Laura Joh Rowland

FIVE STARS. "The Cloud Pavilion"by Laura Joh Rowland is a historical mystery novel that is set in seventeenth century feudal Japan in the Genroku period. Chamberlain Sano Ichiro is one of the two lead investigators working at the behest of the Shogun to solve all manner of crimes within and against his empire. Sano, together with the main antagonist, Yanagisawa and their samurai brethren work together to solve the mystery of the abduction and rape of a nursing mother, elderly nun and a young girl.  Sano's estranged uncle, Major Kumazawa, reluctantly asks Sano for help in finding his missing cousin, Chiyo who is one of the rape victims. The main story is artfully woven within several subplots that keep the reader engaged. Rowland enriches the story with information about the Japanese culture, politics and structure of the empire, as well as elements of the mystical.  Several strong women characters, including Sano's wife, Reiko who helps with the investigation, provide grace and balance to the story. The book is a good, steady read. Although there are some surprises, the main strength of the book is the tapestry of characters, images and plots. This was a thoroughly entertaining read for me. I kept going back to it as though I was spending time, comfortably with a good friend.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Barry's Book Reviews: Alex Cross's TRIAL by James Patterson and Richard DiLallo

FIVE STARS. "Alex Cross's TRIAL" by James Patterson and Richard DiLallo is an historical fiction novel written by the famous author of crime mysteries and one of his co-authors. It is a departure from his normal works that I must say I thoroughly enjoyed. The characterization of Teddy Roosevelt gave him life in my mind's eye. The tale involves the murder trial of a group of "white raiders" in the deep south.  Eudora, Mississippi is the home town of Ben Corbett, who relocated to Washington, DC where he is an attorney with a conscience.  He helps defend poor black clients without prejudice, perhaps due to an incident in his youth when a young black boy helped him when his mother was ill. The raw and vicious treatment of blacks in the deep south is portrayed vividly. The Ku Klux Klan are uncovered as just "regular" folks that Ben grew up with as a child.  The tension created by his wife's reluctance to support his charity cases, the friction with his previous neighbors and conservative father, and the evil Klan members helps to keep the storyline moving well.  The images of hangings and the vicious treatment of innocent black folks will remain with me. Fortunately, most of the hatred towards black people in this country has been extinguished over time. This book reminds us to be on guard against the smoldering prejudice that still may exist in the hearts of some people. Intolerance breeds monsters, and these monsters live in this book.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


"Twisted Paradise-A Jake Chinelli Mystery is free for Kindle on January 26 and 27, 2013


Jake Chinelli, a man in his mid thirties, never married, is a paparazzo, photographer and would-be author doing research for his non-fiction book, “A Guide to Women and Lovemaking.” As he is doing research he meets many women but three of them become central to his life as he uncovers a conspiracy involving trafficking in young women, puppy mills and a drug company whose master plan is to dominate the illicit trafficking trade. The novel follows the exploits of an unlikely trio of impromptu private investigators that include Chinelli, his best friend Parson Smith (a Shinnecock Native American) and a dog rights enthusiast, Kerrie Graham, as they attempt to unravel the mystery of the identity of the evildoers. The book is set in the beautiful east end of Long Island in the village of Sag Harbor and its surrounds.

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