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Barry Terenna, Author Page

Sunset over Peconic Books is happy to announce that "Reflections from the Other Side of the Silvered Glass" by Barry Terenna was published on December 18, 2012. It is available on Kindle now and will shortly be available as a paperback edition.

This collection of poems spans over twenty-five years of writing and is essentially in chronological order, capturing the events and feelings of the life of the author. Fortunately these were kept in a handwritten journal well before the glimmerings of electronic entries into laptop computers.  The author’s hope is that perhaps one or two of the works will strike a chord within the reader that may bring to memory similar feelings in their lives. If the work does this for even just one other person then keeping the journal all of these years will have been worth it.

The collection includes themes that people of all ages will find endearing and helpful. There is love and romance to be sure, but there also is compassion for the human condition, hope, beauty of nature, regret and many other feelings that make living and loving something to be cherished. If you open up your heart, you will be bathed by light and tranquility.

Barry's second novel, "Twisted Paradise (A Jake Chinelli Mystery)" has been published. It is available in Paperback or Kindle on Amazon.com.

Synopsis: Jake Chinelli, a man in his mid thirties, never married, is a paparazzo, photographer and would-be author doing research for his non-fiction book, “A Guide to Women and Lovemaking.” As he is doing research he meets many women but three of them become central to his life as he uncovers a conspiracy involving trafficking in young women, puppy mills and a drug company whose master plan is to dominate the illicit trafficking trade. The novel follows the exploits of an unlikely trio of impromptu private investigators that include Chinelli, his best friend Parson Smith (a Shinnecock Native American) and a dog rights enthusiast, Kerrie Graham, as they attempt to unravel the mystery of the identity of the evildoers. The book is set in the beautiful east end of Long Island in the village of Sag Harbor and its surrounds.

Barry's debut novel is an historical fiction, "Take the Silk Road Home."

"Take the Silk Road Home" is available as an eBook for Kindle, Nook, iPad and computer. It is also available in paper back and hardcover formats. Order it on line at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes Store, Google Play and Lulu and other on-line stores and at bookstores in your area.

You can also order eBook versions directly from this website through PayPal in the right column of this page.

Synopsis: Gianni and Vinnie Fresco, two very different brothers, grow up in a close but neurotic Italian-American family in a small town in Westchester County, New York.  The responsible younger brother aids his reckless brother through the trials of his life. Take the Silk Road Home traces the journey of each brother through the 1960’s to the present day, relating their careers, loves, and relationship with one another and the women in their lives.
The story begins hundreds of years earlier with a glimpse of ancestors past, revealing very famous ties and ultimately leads to the curious events in the lives of both brothers. The simple life in the old country contributes to the paths both brothers take.  There is a strong connection to Asia where one brother faces the horrors of the war in Vietnam and the other travels to China for adventure and inspiration.
Cultures and national heritage enrich the human interactions and connections between friends, families and lovers and show that different backgrounds are less important to relationships than human emotions.

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  1. This was a well-written story and I enjoyed reading it very much. HIghly recommend to all.


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