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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Barry's Book Reviews: "Whole Lotta Trouble" by Stephanie Bond

THREE STARS: Stephanie Bond's tale of intrigue in the publishing industry is one that may appeal to the many new authors that are entering the field through the revolution of independent publishing. However, I think some of the subtly will be lost on the general public. I found the writing to be adequate although the author used some boiler plate gimmicks in some of the imagery. The story was a little far fetched and had the feel of a comic strip rather than novel. Sure, I understood the humor, and some it was funny, but overall it lacked dimension. Some of the characters were not well developed although the two main characters Felicia and Tallie were adequate. The authors certainly has a slew of other works if you find that you enjoy her writing. As for me, I will try something different.

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