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Monday, November 12, 2012

Barry's Book Reviews: "Deliver Us from Evil" by David Baldacci

THREE STARS:  The "evil" in Baldacci's novel, "Deliver Us from Evil" included Nazi and Ukrainian mass murderers brought to justice by a vigilante group. The group included murder in their own repertoire of skills. The female lead vigilante, Reggie Campion, was likable even with her use of deadly force, especially once you understand the genesis of her motivation.  The storyline, which included a mysterious agency in competition with the vigilantes to bring the evil Fedir Kuchin to justice is believable to a point, except for the tortured lead protagonist, Shaw's, running away from potential long lasting love because of the death of an earlier lover.  Although human trafficking was a theme, the reader did not feel any of the pain of the dirty business. I think the writer missed a major opportunity to show us some of the evil of that world. Some call the book a "gripping thriller." Although I liked the book well enough, it didn't bring me to the edge of my seat, despite a few twists along the way.

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