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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Barry's Book Reviews: "The Ambassador's Wife" by Jake Needham

THREE STARS:  "The Ambassador's Wife" by Jake Needham is an entertaining read.  The book is not a page turner but more of a comfortable friend that you will want to visit at a leisurely pace.  The story takes place in Singapore and Bangkok. The venue descriptions are real and gritty. You will learn a little about the culture and atmosphere of these places although the imagery is not as extensive as I would have liked. The main character, Sam Tay, is a likable fellow, a sad sack of a guy whose entire life is his job as a police detective. He is not your typical cop and therefore shines as a character. The book lacks tension although there are some surprises that will satisfy.  Overall it is a light story that will entertain those who enjoy mystery with a bit of unfulfilled romance.

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