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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Barry's Book Reviews: "The Shoemaker's Wife" by Adriana Trigiani

FIVE STARS: Adriana Trigiani's novel, The Shoemaker's Wife, was a beautifully touching story with a wealth of characters. It could be a story told of many Italian immigrants as they passed through Ellis Island and settled into many towns and cities in America. The writing is exceptional. There are many wonderfully detailed scenes describing the natural beauty of the Italian Alps, the stark cold winters of Minnesota, the Metropolitan Music Center and the streets of little Italy in NYC. The story portrays real life, complete with its joy and sorrow. The characters are well developed, particularly Enza and the brothers Ciro and Eduardo. Enza's strength and ability to meet life's challenges are reminiscent of my own dear grandmother who emigrated from Italy at about the same time. The description of Enrico Caruso was marvelous. It made me wish I could have met him. There are some very sad scenes so be prepared for some tears. I love everything Italian-American, in general, but this story will go down as a favorite novel.

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  1. This is a super historical epic thriller that grips readers with a welcoming of immigrants who have brought so much to this country but also contains a profound message in which living denotes overcoming what you lost. The early twentieth century storyline is brought alive by tidbits like the type of combat in WWI and the power of the Church in Italy (and to a lesser degree in New York and New Jersey. Readers will appreciate the escapades of two immigrants seeking the American dream.


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